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    US Poecilotheria Females For Sale

    he’s done this before... https://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/sri-lanka-pokies-for-sale-beware.25339/
  2. FishermanSteve

    Is my tarantula in pre molt?

    Great minds think alike! ;)
  3. FishermanSteve

    Is my tarantula in pre molt?

    Definitely looks like a B. auratum to me, which is good news because they are more expensive! That big peach bald spot will turn completely black in premolt so you can rule that out. I would try and feed her once a week possibly once every 2 weeks if she keeps refusing food. She looks incredibly...
  4. FishermanSteve

    What kind of T is the best for DISPLAY?

    I am a HUGE fan of GBB’s! They are vibrantly colored, great eaters, and cover their enclosures with copious amounts of web. Normally, they are not recommended for new keepers because the adults are very skittish and some will kick urticating hairs at the slightest disturbance, but I wouldn’t...
  5. FishermanSteve

    Raising Roaches

    I have been feeding those exact foods to my dubia colony with no issues. As long as your temps are at least mid to high 70s and your humidity isn’t in the single digits, I would guess they are eating. I have 500+ dubias and I only have to replace their chow every 2 weeks or so. They will...
  6. FishermanSteve

    US I am looking for the most Aggressive/Defensive species. I will buy right away.

    I think most of the anger that’s coming across is because you are a self proclaimed “newbie”, but you aren’t really taking the advice that a beginner should listen to. Most rehousing will go smoothly, the difference between an experienced keeper and a newbie is how to react when things don’t go...
  7. FishermanSteve

    US I am looking for the most Aggressive/Defensive species. I will buy right away.

    When you use the term “aggressive” it can strike a nerve with experienced hobbyists. Tarantulas can be defensive but not aggressive. When you feed, water or do tank maintenance you are coming into their territory and they feel threatened. A majority of the high strung, defensive species...
  8. FishermanSteve

    Semi experienced owner but newbie to the boards..

    Absolutely yes! Aphonopelma are probably the slowest growing Genus in my experience. I would not expect to have a mature adult for at least 5+ years
  9. FishermanSteve

    Look weird to anybody??

    I couldn’t really see where the fluid was coming from in your pic, but his is from the renowned rick west on the tarantula community facebook group.
  10. FishermanSteve

    What substrate?

    I use the cheapest topsoil from Home Depot mixed 50/50 with peat moss. Pros: holds moisture well, packs down well for burrowers, little prep work, super cheap Cons: could contain herbicides or pesticides, heavy, peat moss can be a bit dusty, some bags can have a lot of sticks and wood chips
  11. FishermanSteve

    New Fireleg sling behavior?

    I agree with this. In 12 years in the hobby I have never had to dig up a sling and I would assume most experienced hobbyists would agree. Your setup looks good, slings require a little more moisture than juveniles and adults because they don’t haven’t developed a waxy layer on their exoskeleton...
  12. FishermanSteve

    Did my Albo just pose a Dead Curl?

    having been bred or not isn’t much of a factor. It depends more on the genus and species. Grammostola are known to live 2+ years after maturing. I saw one guy on FB claiming his rose hair is still alive having matured 5 years ago, but take that with a grain of salt. While some other species the...
  13. FishermanSteve

    T standing with her butt up

    My big 6” female that’s thicc AF will do this and it always baffles me lol
  14. FishermanSteve

    Mm H Mac?

    Def MM. these are the emboli...
  15. P. irminia sac

    P. irminia sac

    She laid this sac 1 month after pairing. The male had just one succesful insertion.