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  1. Denny Dee

    Beginner scorpions?

    I would recommend a species that comes from a desert or arid environment. They require a lot less maintenance. I have lost a couple of tropical species over the years and I maintain my collection rigorously. They absolutely require the proper humidity and water in the enclosure which can be...
  2. Denny Dee

    Got 2 Amblypygi (tailless whip scorp's)

    Congrats. Excellent addition to anyone's collection. Love mine! :)
  3. Denny Dee

    Harmonicon oiapoqueae

    Gorgeous species and quite rare here in the U.S. Keep us posted as I for one am interested in learning more. Thanks.
  4. Denny Dee

    Basics of Emperor Scorpion care.

    You would probably get by okay. These are hardy scorps. Will definitely grow slower. Just make sure the humidity if correct. Having a temp and a humidity issue would not be good.
  5. Denny Dee

    Basics of Emperor Scorpion care.

    Okay. These are very hardy and easy to care for scorpions. The most important thing to provide is high humidity (80 percent roughly) so make sure you have a tool to measure that. Adding Moss helps to hold it a little longer. Ideally the substrate supports drainage as it will be moist most of...
  6. Denny Dee

    Basics of Emperor Scorpion care.

    Hi Ald, Been offline for awhile. Let me know if you still need any advice. I just bought another Emperor yesterday at the All Animal Expo in Wheaton, IL. Thanks.
  7. Denny Dee

    Hi there !

    Welcome aboard Dustin. Interesting collection.
  8. Denny Dee

    Hello All!

    Welcome aboard Dustin!
  9. Denny Dee


    Depends on the species of invert you are trying to keep. But since you are looking at more soil than sand, I will assume you are needing humidity, I usually mix 30% vermiculite with coco fiber (Eco Earth). The vermiculite aids in drainage and assists with preventing molds. Never gone wrong...
  10. Denny Dee

    Molting mania !!

  11. Denny Dee

    Scorpion meets the queen of England

    Mixed emotions on this one. Some folks keep hissers for pets but I am a Scorpion guy. So I will stay say Yes! to this one. ;)
  12. Denny Dee

    Latrodectus tredecimguttatus

    Hey guys, Worked on enclosures yesterday. Cleaned out some old ones and transferred in some of my inverts that I have had some success with and now need larger enclosures. Many of you know I am not a big photo guy but I was lucky enough to have my wife snap this one on her iPhone since I was...
  13. Denny Dee

    New Additions

    Great additions to you impressive collection. Congrats and it is about time you came over to the scorpion side of the hobby. What took you so long? :p
  14. Denny Dee

    New Arrival

    Awesome. They are so cute when they are slings ;)