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  1. Cmccracken

    US Full liquidation

    Casey! Hey! I'm alive lol been working a ton but I'm still here doing my thing. Hope your healthy and safe
  2. Cmccracken

    US Full liquidation

    Do you have pics of the concepcion and the tigris?
  3. Cmccracken

    US Tarantulas/others for sale!

    Is the gigantea still available?
  4. Cmccracken

    US Collection for sale

    I'm in Lancaster, PA. I'm interested in what you have. You can email me if you want at [email protected]
  5. Cmccracken

    US Female Poecilotheria Metallica & Poecilotheria Hanumavilasumica

    Is the hanumvilasumica still available?
  6. Cmccracken

    US P Hanumavilasumica Breeding Pair

    Is she still available?
  7. Cmccracken

    Back water reptiles

    spidey noob I want your aphonopelma!!!!! lol
  8. Cmccracken

    ken the bug guy

    Sorry ken, I'm not trying to start a war, just stating the facts. And you want me to provide pics?? ok of what? improper placed heat pack, loose rolling around unsecure sling vials, or the actual "humidified" vial itself?. And I would have easily posted the other stuff if you actually took the...
  9. Cmccracken

    ken the bug guy

    ive had it with ken, the first time I ordered from him he refused to ship for about a month because it was to cold, which I appreciated. but then it started warming up, other people were shipping and he still declined. His shipping methods are the absolute worst and are unacceptable and unfair...
  10. Cmccracken

    Back water reptiles

    yeah they suck! I ordered 3 emperor scorpions from them and they sent me Asian forest, needless to say the Asian forest killed all my emperors and then turned on each other before I figured out the mishap. Then on another occasion they sent me a male theraphosa apophysis when I requested a...
  11. Cmccracken

    US ISO female brachypelma verdezi

    please message me or call 717-940-3315 if you have one for trade or sale thank you
  12. Cmccracken

    ISO Avicularia sp and Aphonopelma sp. FEMALES!!!

    Im looking for rare species of Avicularia, such as Isla Maragarita, Huriana, azuraklaasi, Bicegoi... and also Aphonopelma species ie: wachinum, mooreae, sp. cana blue, Carlsbad green.
  13. Cmccracken

    Hi paul!! I guess this is as close to a face to face we can get:)

    Hi paul!! I guess this is as close to a face to face we can get:)
  14. Cmccracken

    Do you have a page on facebook?

    Do you have a page on facebook?
  15. Cmccracken

    US some males and slings!

    Is your avicularia ulrichea still for sale?