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    Non-Tarantula Spider Photo Thread

    Alrighty, now I have some time soooo here are some pics of my pretty little brown widow (Latrodectus geometricus), Lacey. Here's a belly shot of her. You can see the orange hour glass, though it's not as sharp as some examples. One of her back with the flash on. And one of her back...
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    Non-Tarantula Spider Photo Thread

    Thank you! Got some pics of my new brown widow that I shall be posting up tomorrow.
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    Trying to import photos of my new widow gal... Not going well. : (

    Trying to import photos of my new widow gal... Not going well. : (
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    Non-Tarantula Spider Photo Thread

    Some more of the Nephila pilipes. Omnomnom These guys were so cool, absolutely beautiful spiders. Just for comparison, these are what I'm used to. XD So much smaller and quite a bit duller
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    Non-Tarantula Spider Photo Thread

    Thanks. :3 I took the ones of the last two species at the Museum of Natural History. We went there for a field trip with my Biology of Insects and Spiders class and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. The guy in charge of the insects (forgive me for lack of technical terms XD) had...
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    Non-Arachnid Invertebrate Photo Thread

    XD I was hoping they would breed for me but unfortunately they passed away before they did. I got them during the fall and they died during the spring so it was still too cold for them to breed. They died shortly after I put them in a new terrarium and I think it was the mulch that did them in...
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    Non-Tarantula Spider Photo Thread

    If you have any photos of spiders that aren't tarantulas, feel free to post them up! Here are mine: First off is a couple of black widows. Western black widow (Latrodectus hesperus) I can't tell if this one's a true widow or a false widow. I remember its legs looked blockier than the other...
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    Peacock Spiders

    I love jumping spiders, by far my favorite spiders (probably not the best thing to say on a tarantula forum.. XD) My favorite species is Phidippus audax, their chelicerae are so pretty. They have such an inquisitive face. :3 And they're so fuzzy!
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    Non-Arachnid Invertebrate Photo Thread

    Some of my invertebrate photos. : ) My Madagascar hissing cockroach Gilligan. I had another male, Evosh, and a female, Josie. Unfortunately they have since passed away but I love these guys. A couple praying mantis'. Mantis I traded for my cockroaches. Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus)
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    Genic Molt

    D'awwww she's adorable. :3 She certainly has grown quite a bit from that little thing in your avatar. ^^ Glad her molt went well.
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    Hello, my name is Christine and I'm new here. :3 I have... ... Absolutely no tarantulas. XD Yet. For one I have no steady source of income so I cannot afford one at the moment, and I am also the type of person who researches the heck out of an animal before I decide to get one. ><; Hence my...