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  1. BossRoss

    personal attacks?

    Hmmmmm.... Manners.... Like respecting your elders or experienced people? Let me remind you, this a public forum where everybody is entitled to freedom of expression, within the existing rules of course. You're free to leave at any time. If you take offence please put it back when you're done
  2. BossRoss

    Hard to swallow pills for Newbies on the site

    With your logic in mind; according to the opinions of friends and family who are neurologists and physiologist you are incompetent and have no idea what you are talking about and are spewing absolute ignorance, please seek help. People like you will make idiots handle a Tarantula, get bitten by...
  3. BossRoss

    Cleaning poop on the walls

    I use a magnetic device, often used for fish tanks, to clean. I managed to find one not much larger than my thumb and bought two bigger than that. I use some hot water on that sponge that is doing the actual cleaning, this works like a charm in most instances and allows me to keep the enclosure...
  4. BossRoss

    A. divercipes... when should I be concerned?

    My diversipes always tends to enclose itself in it's web funnel when it nears molt and very seldom tends to come out when it nears a molt, which is generally long before I see any signs of a molt(except for the behaviour, obviously) . Compared to my other Avics the diversipes never tends to...
  5. BossRoss

    Hypersensitivity Reaction to Some T's??

    I keep a role of duct tape in the bedroom too, never know when it is going to come in handy ;) LOL
  6. BossRoss

    Hypersensitivity Reaction to Some T's??

    Apparently, according to more experienced keepers, one will actually become more susceptible to irritation/reaction from urcitatiing hairs over time. Also keep in mind that those tiny little hairs are every where inside the cage and rehousing when you disturb all the husbandry items and...
  7. BossRoss

    Gift ideas for tarantula enthusiast?

    I know for me any husbandry item would be cool, cork bark, drift wood, plants used in fish tanks... Things along those lines.
  8. BossRoss

    Are flea collars safe for T's?

    LOL!!!! I thought they had made a collar for Ts when reading the title.... Could you not wash your cat with some special shampoo to help kill off the fleas before you move? You still have a couple of weeks(if I remember correctly from another thread)
  9. BossRoss

    Moving soon - How to pack my T

    If you only have the one T.... Remove the water bowl, ensure any objects within the enclosure can not move/fall over(a little bit of a wobble should be ok) then just put it in the car with you, that way you can regulate the temperature somewhat and keep a close eye on it. This is assuming you...
  10. BossRoss

    Feeding slings?

    +1 to Poec advice. A very fat T has a higher probability of causing damage to itself from sharp objects or damage from a fall due to the fact the abdomen is bigger and tighter than usual, although normally a T would be less active during pre-molt. A decent enclosure and knowledge of the T you...
  11. BossRoss

    Let's divide fact and fiction

    I see your 12.5cm L. Difficilis and raise you a 16cm L. Difficilis(also a small girl but she looks huge after the moult)
  12. BossRoss

    random question

    Our pharmacies stock those kinds of products, but that is in South Africa, not sure about over there. Maybe give it a try?
  13. BossRoss

    Do T's escape often?

    This was the cause of my first and last escapee... It was early days for me in the hobby and I did not check that the lid was securely on... The next day my G. pulchripes was gone.... It was my own fault and I was upset for days... I have since learnt my lesson!
  14. BossRoss

    Handling T's

    Poec54 has been in this game a looooong time. With many years experience and many species under his belt(more than most trust me-just Google his handle and you will see). He is also one of the guys that occasionally clinks a glass with Stan Schultz and rubs shoulders with him... You asked for...
  15. BossRoss

    T Molting Support Group for Noobs*

    Congrats on the moults... Don't worry if you missed it this time there will be plenty more :-D