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    US Downsizing on Certain Species

    I have several of these two species, and the area I keep my tarantulas is FULL. Looking to send these two guys out. ( Preferably Send Both Together) Both about 1.5 inches Unsexed Nhandu coloratovillosus $Make Offer...
  2. BioScorpion

    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    I received a T albopilosus and A avicularia from Casey. A little larger than i thought which is always an awesome surprise. She also threw in a freebie. Great communication, Response time, packaging, and T's. 10/10
  3. BioScorpion

    Stressful Molt

    From my experience when they are molting just leave them alone. Like others said, I wouldn't say they are "stressed" but rather you can disturb them.
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    Hard to read there friend. But usually a quick google search will show upcoming expo's. Also following FB groups helps as well.
  5. BioScorpion

    BioScorpion's Tarantula Pictures

    Caribena versicolor P. Metallica Nhandu coloratovillosus Just some of my slings. I'll add more later. :cool:
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    Greetings from Wisconsin

    I'll get some pictures rounded up later today.
  7. BioScorpion

    A. geniculata bio setup

    I love that. Awesome setup.
  8. BioScorpion

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Hello folks, I've been a keeper of T's and other arachnids and insects for over ten years. I frequently build custom habitats for people depending on the species of insects or arachnids they have. I built some small exhibits for a museum and every once in a while do set ups for private pet...