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Recent content by Aracnoenthusiast

  1. Aracnoenthusiast

    Successful night

    All of my ts ate tonight, first time in forever for this. Even leela ate, she's so timid she is eating the same size feeders as my juvenile ts, and she is 4+". But I'll take it. Atleast she ate as she recently molted. Her is a pic of haze , my 2"ish gbb triple clutching some baby hissers My...
  2. Aracnoenthusiast

    Hisser care?

    Both roaches still going strong. I suspect one is Male, seeing subtle horns. My daughter is doing some redecorating in one of their houses today , lego/IKEA maybe?
  3. Aracnoenthusiast

    Cause im a rocket man!

    In the middle of another build, ash building up and clogging the airflow has been a issue with the others. Hopefully the ash catch fixes that
  4. 20211109_074414.jpg


    Caught leela out today so I had to snag a picture.
  5. Aracnoenthusiast

    Why are many keepers so staunchly against hybrids?

    I'm against it from the standpoint that if they wouldn't breed in the wild, due to geography or any other factors, then they shouldn't be bred in captivity.
  6. 20211023_160828.jpg


    First time being threat displayed by the locals. All I wanted to do was put the hose away. Hisses and all from this little one
  7. Aracnoenthusiast

    Comment by 'Aracnoenthusiast' in media 'IRMINIA_rgb300_flt.jpg'

    These are some of the most beautiful ts in my opinion, underrated.
  8. Aracnoenthusiast

    Hissing roach babies

    Babies are all still alive, hoping to donate them to the local school system so kids can learn and experience them.
  9. Aracnoenthusiast

    Who's molted today

    My t. Albo molted sometime in the last few days. She's been refusing food for about 6 months. Looks like she smashed the molt into her burrow walls so that's a bummer as I'm a collector and that would have been a big one. I'm guessing 4.5 in dls now
  10. Aracnoenthusiast

    Weird hair like things in cocnut shell hide.

    That species is more of an arid (dry species) let the enclosure dry and your mold problem will solve itself
  11. Aracnoenthusiast

    Hissing roach babies

    Tonight they got fresh, separate, enclosures. We will see what happens. Still got 42 babies to deal with somehow
  12. Aracnoenthusiast

    Hissing roach babies

    That would make sense. Like I said, they appear female and weve had them just short of a year. Think it's possible
  13. Aracnoenthusiast

    Hissing roach babies

    So, on inspection they both appear female. Which I'm guessing means I'm just not seeing something. But if they are makes the babies more mysterious