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  1. Aprilshowerz72

    New babies

    Hubs gave me my Christmas early. Kinda hard to hide them when he's not keen on caring for them. Lol. OBT and Pumpkin Patch slings. I have to admit. I'm a little leery of the OBT. Glad it's a sling and I have time to learn more. Lol.
  2. April's Pets

    April's Pets

  3. Emerald Skeleton

    Emerald Skeleton

    Haven't seen this one in about a month. Caught a glimps of a leg at the mouth of a tunnel a couple weeks ago. There must be a molt down there somewhere. I swear it's twice as big as it was.
  4. Aprilshowerz72

    Welcome to Tarantula Forum!

    I've been a member for a few months and have posted some pics and had great convos. So I thought I'd take a minute to actually introduce myself. I'm April. I've got 16 tarantulas currently. 12 are subadult to adult and 4 are slings. My hubs took me to a Repticon several years ago and I was...
  5. Hiding blondi

    Hiding blondi

    Yesterday the hide was open and he was gorging himself on 4 or 5 crickets. No idea how he lured them all in there but they were stupid. Today he has blocked the opening with moss. Is he in premolt? Does he need alone time? What is going on?
  6. Pink toe

    Pink toe

    With a tasty treat.
  7. Arizona blonde

    Arizona blonde

    This guy never lets me get pics. Bribery works well.
  8. Arizona blonde

    Arizona blonde

    Suspected female. Happy after a few crickets.
  9. California ebony

    California ebony

    Haven't seen this guy since it molted. So much bigger.
  10. Cobalt blue

    Cobalt blue

    A few crickets calms the Freddy Kruger tendencies.
  11. Aprilshowerz72

    Who's molted today

    A very mangled ephebopus uatuman molt. Got a glimps of it inside it's burrow, but no idea what it currently looks like. Hope it emerges soon. Excited to see any new coloring.
  12. Aprilshowerz72

    New plants

    Thanks. This is the first I've done live plants. I went with fake to be able to clean them easier. Either wash them off or throw away and replace. But I really like the way this looks.
  13. Aprilshowerz72

    Winner of the August 2019 contest

    Congrats. That's an awesome shot.