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Hey guys, just joined. Is there a classified ads section on here?
Casey K.
Casey K.
My first time joining a forum and so far it has been a great experience!!!:)
So stoked to get my first T:T:!
Boutta get a giant vinegaroon! Any advice on handling?
Don't drop it? They really don't pinch. Just don't get squirted in the eyes and you're fine. Mine just crawl, or can be gently scooped, onto my hands. I freaking love them, so congrats and good luck!
And then there was 7. Still can't believe this B tore off her own leg. Silly but strong gal she is.


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Hello!! I am having problems with my pink toe tarantula and I’m looking for help
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Please post a thread explaining what you need help with under the 'General tarantula discussion' and hopefully we can help you as soon as possible :)
NukaMedia Exotics website is finally up and running! Current tarantula availability lists will be live, orders will still be through messages until self-checkout is complete. Feel free to contact me through messages here on the forum to place an order, or through another contact method listed on my website! http://nukamediaexotics.com/index.html