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US Wild New Custom Acrylic Enclosures For Sale!!!


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Brooklyn, NY
Hey Everyone:)

We’ve got two brand new acrylic enclosures for sale. The first is a 10g Hexagon, and the second is a 10g Flat Back Hexagon. They have been left without air vents added so the buyer can decide how many and where they should go. They can therefore be used for a wide variety of different animals including those requiring water on the ground. They are priced at $250 which includes shipping, air vents when decided upon, and 32oz culture of 1000+ dwarf white isopods!.

The details are as follows:

10g Hexagon: sides are 7”, 12.5’’ flat-to-flat, 14.25’’ corner-to-corner, 15.25’’ tall, 5 3/8’’ x 7.5’’ door, distance from floor to bottom edge of door (water level max) is 5’’. Black trim.

10g Flat Back Hexagon: 16’’ L, 12.5’’ front to back, 14’’ H. Door 10’’ x 10 1/8’’. Brown trim and back.

Both have rounded seamless corners, and both have hinged doors with a knob and a latch. The Hexagon also has two magnets holding the door shut.

We have 1’’, 2’’, and 3’’ black plastic air vents as well as 2’’ black trim wire mesh air vents available to choose from. We also have plenty of pictures of each upon request.

These two enclosures are already made minus the air vents, but we are able to make these and many more of varying sizes upon request.