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US Wholesale Prices - Scorpions & More


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Minimum order of $100 (excluding shipping). Everything is at wholesale price.

x1 Androctonus bicolor (Subadult/Adult) $25
x1 Androctonus liouvillei (Adult Male) $40
x1 Brotheas sp. "Guyana" (Adult) $25
x1 Nebo yemenensis (4i) $35
x1 Pandipalpus viatoris (Adult) $20
x1 Parabuthus raudus "Bicolor" (Adult Female) $30
x1 Scorpiops citadelle 4i $40
x1 Scorpiops longimanus 3i $40

x3 Scolopendra polymorpha "Aqua" (Subadults) $25 (for all three)
x1 Scolopendra dehanni (Adult) $15
x1 Mastigoproctus tohono (Subadult) $15

Terms of Service: First come first serve. LAG only on FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx Standard Overnight (hold for pickup) in temperatures under 85 degrees. All packages must be recieved and opened within 2 hours of delivery. I am not responsible for carrier delays. For any DOA to apply for refund, the clear photos and a video of the specimen must be sent to me within 2 hours of delivery. I will send a refund of the animals only. Freebies are not guaranteed LAG. Shipping costs are non-refundable in all circumstances. Accepted methods of payment are PayPal and Zelle. If using PayPal Goods&Services, the % PayPal takes off must be accounted for. The package will not be sent unless a full payment is received. The terms of service are firm, and considered agreed upon once payment is received. It is fully the buyers responsibility to read these terms of service, and I am not required to remind you of them.

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