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What T to get next?


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Hey all! So I’m planning to get a fourth T soon. The 3 I currently have are not the only Ts I’ve ever had, there have been others that are sadly no longer with us.

I’m open to suggestions for most kinds of Ts, though I am a bit turned off by the dwarf species—many are beautiful, but since my first tarantula, a smaller sling, escaped (I did miraculously find it again) before despite being in its enclosure for nearly half a year with no issue, I just don’t trust myself with the littler guys.

My current tarantulas are a b. emilia (unsexed), t. stirmi (female which I confirmed), and m. balfouri (unsexed) if that helps—I have a variety of experience and have also worked with arboreals before even if none of the current group are.

There are so many great Ts out there I’m very open to all sorts of suggestions! Though probably no OBT, haha, I already have enough crazy with my stirmi and I’m sure an OBT could put her attitude to shame.


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OBTs are great, good feeders, stunning colour and in my experience more shy than aggressive. Every OBT I've had has run to hide rather than stand and fight.
On the other hand probably my calmest T is my Phormictopus sp. full green, at 7 years old and almost 8" dls she's never given me any threats and will sit perfectly still while I do maintenance in her tank and she loves her food.
Go wit da OBT!! I have raised 2 males and both were fun to bring up. Eat like champs,build like champs, and are great till mine matured male. My first one quit eating and the male I have now is a matured runt but feisty. Just be careful and you will have loads of fun !!