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What Sex Is My Avicularia avicularia?


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North Carolina
I got it from our local PetSmart a couple weeks ago. They couldn't tell me if it was male or female or whether it was a sub-adult/juvenile. I'm hoping someone here can at least help me figure out if my pink toe is a male or female. I apologize for the horrible quality of my pictures. My phone camera isn't that great and it doesn't help that the side of enclosure my T is currently in isn't the best to try and get pics through (It was a "put it together yourself" enclosure but the glue dried outside of where it was supposed to be). I hope someone can still see enough in my pics to help me. If need be, I can try to get better ones, but the quality still isn't guaranteed. Thank you in advance for any and all help.


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Welcome to the forum! I dont know that any of us will be able to tell the sex from your photos. It might be best to wait until you can check a fresh molt