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US WARNING: 03 Arachnids


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@03arachnids, Austin Spears, or whatever alias he is using, completely dropped the ball and did not honor a pre-import order I placed on his website.

I have emailed back and forth with him for months, numerous excuses, never any follow through. He has now stopped responding to my messages never having shipped me anything and has effectively stolen over $300 from me.

I don't like to aire my differences online but he's left me no choice but to warn others of his unscrupulous practices,.lies and thievery.

Shame on you Austin Spears. You are a disgrace to the hobby.


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That guy tried to give me an unfair trade for my jumpers a while back.

While he didnt scam me it def revealed his true intent. He tried to trade me a bunch of aphonos for valuable and rare jumpers knowing it was one-sided.

It annoyed me because i actually knew the guy before this. Seemed decent, didnt expect him to outright steal money :/

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