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US Updated list


New York
Male female pair of damon diadema immatures 100$

1x p irminia 2.5 inches 75$

1x Female A. chalcodes (Arizona Blonde) Long term captive for over 4-5 years. 4 inches DLS 100$

10 count of Zerbra Isopods 15$

5 count of "Clown Pods" Unsure if its klugi or montenegro 15$

Dwarf Hissers 45$ 12-13 count subadults and adults

Pair of true common hissers (NOT HYBRIDS) 50$ They are big adults and hard to come by (Because of their purity of the strain)

A geniculata (giant white knee) 1.5 inches 50$

2x A seemanni 3-4 inch adults 40$ each

2x A aviculara (Common pinktoe) 2-3 inches 20$ each

H maculata 2-3 inch juvenile 20$

Phrynus whitei adult pair (Sexed)- 50$

2x Phrynus whitei females- 23$

Paraphrynus cubensis juvenile + adult pair (One is a juvenile (The male) the other is an adult) 70$

2x Scolopendra dehaani imperfect individuals 20$ each

Or take everything for 350$ local pickup in NY shipping is at your expense. - I can remove the roaches and isopods and just sell the Ts for 250$ Or the entire group of amblypygi for 175$ The entire group of roaches for 80$.
Minimum order of 50$
LAG on overnight only.

I'm willing to negotiate if you buy more than 1 Item. Significant discounted price for buying the whole collection.

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