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UK Acrylic Adhesive/Solvent


New Member
Sheffield, UK
Hey all!
So I'm looking at doing some of my own enclosures for the arboreals as they're the ones I have trouble finding enclosures for.
The solvent I see mentioned is always WeldOn 4, which is harder to get. I've seen Acrifix, another one used by model makers, and Teflon something. I'm just wondering which is the best option for DIY enclosures.

I have always seen mention afterwards of aquarium silicone on on the inside of joints so thats fine.

Last quick one - gluing decor like fake leaves. I've used hot glue for this a few times, but had a few breakages. Typically in more humid enclosures- so what to use then? Using aquarium silicone was much more awkward, and that came off really easily. Primarily I want to be able to attach fake plants/leaves for the arboreals to use as attachment points for webbing. I'd used hot glue to attach a branch of fake plant to the roof of my regalis tub, ensuring it wrapped around it in a few places, and that still came down. Thanks in advance - its frustrating!

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