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To what degree does Denmark breed tarantulas?


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I am curious about where tarantulas we get in the U.S. come from. I know there are breeders stateside and that Mexico breeds Ts, particularly the Brachypelma genus that are sold as “pure blood” here in the U.S.

But I think a lot of imports come from Europe, particularly Germany and Poland.

Recently I saw information about tarantulas coming from Denmark. I think it was an older report.

Any info about the breeding efforts in that country?

I know I have posed the question of origins previously but I don’t think Denmark came up.


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Not sure on Denmark, but I know here in the UK we have a fairly lively tarantula community, and there's plenty available to buy here due to the levels of breeders.

I'm always keen to see more countries involve themselves in responsible breeding, providing it benefits the species and doesn't murky the genetic waters, so to speak.