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Thoughts on C Lividum enclosure ?


New Member
I just picked up this cobalt blue any thoughts on the enclosure ? I added in leaves and small twigs (which were boiled before being put in the enclosure) and sphagnum moss and some plastic plants. I also added a colony of about 25 isopods with my T. So far I haven’t had any problems and it’s eating fine. Any thoughts on the enclosure ? Anything I should change ?



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I love the effort you’ve gone through and it looks awesome but I’d consider a larger enclosure as stated she looks pretty large and upgrading means she can live her best life in there without needing a rehouse, I would also give her a lot more substrate, these tarantulas are notorious pet holes they live (for the most part) in burrows. Use that log hide and create a starter burrow, she’ll find it and do her own house work.


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My lividum is in a standard Jamie's enclosure. She is about as big as your beauty. I have nearly filled the enclosure to the brim with substrate. She is happy with her extensive tunnel system. I am not--i don't get to see her much. I agree with T baby. Your set up is awesome. More substrate and eliminate the hide and you have the perfect enclosure.