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Theraphosi Blondi enclosure


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My son has a juvenile Goliath bird eater. She's in a plastic container right now with side holes drilled for ventilation and a small amount of substrate for burrowing. The plan is the move her (eventually) into a 40 gallon glass typical aquarium style enclosure. If I'd had any knowledge about how difficult it would be to maintain humidity and heat I would have had him get something different but it is what it is. If we put a deep enough substrate in will this work with humidity? Is it doable to keep her in such a large enclosure? Just looking for input in general. Thanks so much!


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Ignore the word humidity. Think husbandry, not a % figure that needs to be achieved on it's own. My blondi's & stirmis, have no thermometers or humidity meters in their enclosures & do perfectly well.

If the room is warm enough for you, then the enclosure will be warm enough for them. With substrate keep it moist & I try to also use a larger than normal water dish too. I also use sphagnum moss in the enclosure. And I do not mist other than to moisten dry leaves for my springtails, or to moisten live plants, sphagnum moss etc.

Putting enclosure humidity meters beside my home weather station which also measures indoor temperature & humidity, I have found large-ish discrepancies between meters when it comes to humidity. Some days there is almost no difference. Under 5%. But other days it can be 10%, or slightly more. Currently, I have two enclosure meters sitting beside my weather station & I have 3 different readings differing by 4% with humidity & 3 degrees in temperature.

None of these meters are built up to a standard. They are simply cheap gauges & as a result give a reasonable & rough idea of what they are reading. They do not give a temperature or a % of humidity to chase. So you can stop worrying, my stirmi's gets no more care or attention than my Brachypelmas or any of my other T's & they all do fine.


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I have an 18 gal. tote. Not hard to keep it ok for Theraphosa. I spray mine once a week. The plants grow good...