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U.K. Theraphosa Stirmi Female


New Member
Unfortunately I have come to the very difficult decision to sell my beautiful Stirmi due to poor health.
She has been in my care for around 2 years and had moulted twice, both moults confirmed female.
I believe she is around 4-5 years old and is about 8inches.
A very eager eater! Always out and about prowling for food.
I’m including her whole set up with the sale, tank (exo terra medium low), water dish, Inkbird thermometer/thermostat, live plants, hide etc. I also have around 20 well fed large Dubai roaches to throw in.
I live in Salford Quays. Because the tank etc is extremely heavy this will obviously be collection only.
Please only enquire if you’re an experienced tarantula keeper as Theraphosa’s aren’t for beginners!


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