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The Green Femur


lucky 001.JPG
i own one of these, quite small but has really cool behaviour. before a molt just sat motionless in her little cave for weeks on end. but once molted and ready,is great to handle ,never defencive,i love her!
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its a very humble T , the underdog ! i first became aware of the species after watching a youtube vid [ the name of the lady escapes me now] ,anyhow in her vids her green femur always comes over as friendly -i knew i prob had to have one . id held back from buying any more spids but then i chanced upon mine in a local shop. i knew they dont crop up often even in the UK . But i held back,yes no more buying, and went home without her.
Once at home of course i reasoned that now i delayed id likely miss the opportunity so travelled back to the shop -by which time it was shut!

luckily for me when i next went into town she was still on sale,the shop assistant was suprised i wanted that one over the more impressive lookers


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Going to keep my eyes open for one. Think it's a beautiful T. Everyone here (US) seems to be pushing the sp. Red or 'fire'
I've noticed that, too, about the Euathlus 'Red'. Last year saw them at 20.00/ adult. Now, that will get you a sling!

I was able to pair my Green Femur. The male died before she molted.


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If by chance you guys hear of one my area (USA somewhere) tag me please. I am sort of looking but..Nothing lol