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tarantulas and mice

paolo escoto

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i've watched a few videos of T's eating mice. i've noticed that when the T bites, the mouse scratches the T ALOT. (from trying to escape) doesn't that harm the T?


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Yes, they can scratch and bite which could be harmful or even deadly to the tarantula.

I can't see any reason why a tarantula would profit from the risk of eating a mice versus b. dubia etc, and to this day i have yet to see a valid argument FOR it.

paolo escoto

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yep. i found a video where the mouse won the battle. it was pretty stupid because the mouse was bigger than the T. i'll try to find it.
here it is.



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WoW!!! (And I don't mean a good one). What a beautiful tarantula...so sad. This is one reason why T's should never be fed mice...Another reason to consider is that mice are high in calcium content. I've read that too much calcium in a T's diet presents complications with molting...I personally stick to crickets and roaches, with some superworms for variety.


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What a cruel SOB. Pardon the language, but seriously, it is these uneducated morons that do this sort of thing.

Please note that most T's feed on inverts smaller than they. If they do eat a vertebrate they likely found it dead or are very large T's eating very small vertebrates.