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US Tarantula slings for sale

H. pulchripes ARE IN STOCK!

A. avicularia (pinktoe) 1 1/2" $25.00
A. burica (Costa Rican bluefront) 3/4" $35.00
A. seemani (Costa Rican zebra) 3" $45.00
B. verdezi (Mexican rose grey) 3/4" $40.00
B. auratum (mexican flame knee) 1/2" $40.00
B. boehmei (Mexican fire leg) 1" $35.00
B. hamorii (Mexican red knee) 1" $40.00
Bonnetina sp alagoni 1/4" $65.00
B. klassi ( Mexican pink beauty) 3/4" $65.00
C. cyanopubescens (green bottle blue) 1 1/2" $60.00
C. darlingi (African rear horned baboon) 1/2"$20.00
C. lividum (cobalt blue) 2 1/2" $65.00
E. olivacea (Tanzanian black and gold) 3/4" $55.00
G. acteon (Brazillian red rump) 1 1/4" $60.00
G. porteri (pink rose hair) 1 1/2" $50.00
G. pulchripes (chaco golden knee) 1/2" $30.00
H. gigas (Cameroon red baboon) 2" $45.00
H. pulchripes ( golden blue leg baboon) 1/2" $50.00
H. maculata (togo starburst baboon) 1 1/2" $35.00
H. sp Columbia large (pumpkin patch) 3/4" $35.00
Kochiana brunnipes (dwarf pink leg) 3/4" $45.00
N. incei gold form (Trinidad olive) 1 1/4" $35.00
P. irminia (Venezuelan sun tiger) 1” $30.00
P. striata (mysore ornamental) 2 " $50.00
P. tigrinawesseli (tiger ornamental) 2 " $50.00
S. calceatum (feather leg baboon) 1/2" $20.00
T. albopilosum (curly hair) 1" $20.00
T. epicureanum (Yucatan rust rump) 1/2" $40.00
T. sabulosum (Guatemalan red rump) 1" $30.00

Orders are shipped Fedex over night or two day with LAG
Two day LAG only if temps are 50 - 90
Overnight orders ship Monday -Thursday
Two day orders ship Monday-Wednesday
All orders are shipped the next business day
Someone must be at delivery address to sign for package.
You must contact me within two hours of delivery if there are any problems with your order.
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Hello are your t.albopilosums still available I have never bought tarantulas online and don’t really know how this works do I pay you by PayPal or something like that ? I am still deciding whether if I should hold off until my local reptile expo so I am not fully sure yet if I’m buying online but I would like to know how it would work if I were to buy from you your t. Albopilosum prices are pretty much the same as the cheapest I find them at the expo
Hello, I recently took interest in your
C. darlingi, . I have 13 Desert Hairy Scorpion Juveniles I was wondering if you were interested in trading some for these species.



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Totally interested in your Chaco golden knee what would the shipping be for 95376?
Thank you for your time and hope your having a wonderful day

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