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US Tarantula list

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by inverts_unlimited, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. inverts_unlimited

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    Nov 10, 2015
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    0.5'' A. brocklehursti Brazilian black and white $20 ea (2 available)

    0.5'' A. geniculata Brazilian whiteknee $20 ea (3 available)

    4'' A. seemanni Costa Rican zebra $40 (1 available)

    1'' B. albopilosum Curlyhair $10 ea (4 available)

    1'' B. vagans Mexican red rump $10 (1 available)

    0.5'' C. dyscolus Asian smokey $20 ea (10 available)

    0.75'' C. versicolor Martinique pinktoe SOLD OUT

    0.5''-0.75'' Hapalopus sp. Colombia (large) Pumpkin patch $15 ea (10 available)

    0.5'' H. maculata Togo starburst baboon $15 ea (64 available)

    1'' P. irminia Venezuelan suntiger $20 ea (10 available)

    1.5''-2'' P. murinus Orange baboon $20 ea (5 available)

    MM B. cabocla Brazilian redhead $50 (1 available)

    MM G. pulchripes Chaco golden knee $50 ea (1 available)

    MM P. nigricolor Giant blue bloom $125 (1 available)

    MF C. cyaneopubescens Green bottle blue $200 ea (2 available)

    MF P. miranda Bengal spotted ornamental $150 (1 available)

    Acceptable payment methods include PayPal, credit card, and money order (money orders must be received and cleared before we will ship). PayPal payments will only be shipped to the verified PayPal address.

    Overnight shipping rates will run approximately $40 - $60 (LAG). Overnight shipping to the states of SC, NC, and GA typically runs from $25 - $30. 2 day shipping will be approximately $25 (No LAG). Send a message with your zip code for a shipping quote. We ship Monday - Wednesday.

    We ship via Fedex only using insulated boxes with heat or cold packs as necessary. LAG for overnight deliveries with first successful delivery attempt. No shipping during inclement weather conditions and when temperatures are below 32 degrees F or above 90 degrees F.

    Please provide proof of DOA's within 2 hours of receipt of package. Do not discard DOA's unless instructed. You may be asked to take photos or ship DOA's back in order to receive a refund. Refunds for DOA's will be in one of the following forms: replacement with the same species of animal or an animal of equal value, or refund of the original form of payment minus shipping cost.

    We can be reached through private message on this forum, via email at invertsunlimited@gmail.com, our website www.invertsunlimited.com, or thru our facebook page.
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