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Tarantula Forum Community Guidelines

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Last Updated: March 24, 2021

The goal of this Site is to provide a venue where the discussion of any and all topics relating to Tarantulas may take place. It is our aim to keep this site Family-Friendly, so that users of ALL age groups may participate.

-Do not post anything blatantly rude, derogatory or insulting.
-Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated.
-Do not post explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.
-Refrain from the discussion of any illegal activity.
-Inflammatory posts deemed for the purpose of starting or instigating an argument will not be tolerated.

Violators of any of the community guidelines will be subject to warnings and temporary or permanent bans. Three temporary bans will result in a permanent ban from the site.

Tips for Getting Your Questions Answered Quickly
Beginners will often find that their question has been answered here before. The Search function (top-right corner of each page) can help you help yourself, we have thousands of different topics archived. Please try a search prior to posting, to help in avoiding repetitive threads.

An appropriate and detailed subject for your post is always best. For example, a post Titled 'Please Help', tells other members nothing about your question. Try to be specific, like: 'Diet help for spiderling'.

Do not post the same thread in different sections of the Forum. Topics that are cross-posted and duplicate posts will be deleted.

When asking for help, you will receive a much quicker & more helpful response, if you provide some background information, to give other members an idea of the situation in question. Including as much of the following basic information as possible, accurately, will assist in receiving timely responses:

-Detailed description of the problem or affliction & how long it has been going on
-Sex and age of the tarantula in question.
-Size of the enclosure
-Substrate being used
-How long has the tarantula been in your care and if different, how long has it been in the present enclosure
-Pictures are invaluable in helping members understand the situation and in pinpointing any issues

Advertisements vs Spam
Advertising is only acceptable in the Classifieds Forum. You may auction your item or sell it with a fixed price but please disclose ALL terms in the initial post. Unsolicited emails, private messages, or other contact via TarantulaForum.com constitutes spam. Threads outside of the 'Classifieds Forum' serving to advertise ANY product or service are considered spam and will be deleted. Links placed in a user's signature block must be for personal websites and/or relating to exotic pets. All links to referral programs and sites with known malicious intent will be removed.

Contests, Fund Raising, Charities or Other Personal Uses
You cannot use TF to stage a contest or to request donations for any charity or for any "personal" use that you may think of. This includes posting links to sites requesting charitable donations. This includes asking people to donate money or purchase items you are selling here or elsewhere to fund needs of any kind for family, friends, neighbors, pets, other TF members or anyone. You cannot use TF to stage a contest on your own for any purpose without first getting express approval from the TF Administrator/Owner. You cannot use TF to have everyone vote for you in a contest in which if you win you would receive anything of value - money, trips, and any other consideration. In short, you may not use TF for your own personal use of any kind without first asking for permission.

Photo Signatures must not be greater than 100px high.
Text Signatures must be no more than 5 lines of text. Blank lines = 1 line.
Combinations can not exceed the equivalent of 120px high total.
Any information you choose to use, or any action you choose to take with your pets, is solely at your own risk and responsibility.

TarantulaForum.com shall be the sole arbiter of what does and what does not violate community standards. Threads and posts may be moved or deleted without notification, at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates these Guidelines.
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