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Tarantula always near Water Dish


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No cencern, but it might want a bit more moisture so it sit's on the more humid side.
You can see what she does if you make a larger spot where it's more humid.

I have a A.geniculata who I always sits ON the waterbowl :D. Dry or emtpy.....
Your T is probably enjoying that humidity from the dish as stated. My A. Geniculata also stays near it's water bowl and has since it got to about the 1" size. Generously over flow the water dish it and sounds like your T will be a happy camper!! My Genic would actually hang out in the water bowl! So much so that my son and I started calling it "Lucky's swimming pool". Lucky of course being the Genic... Lol. Back drop behind the name came from me being clumsy with her. Got her as a sling that was listed at .33 dls. So small that you couldn't hardly differentiate her from the pieces of coco fibre she was on. I twice knocked her enclosure over and buried her. I thought man she is going to be "Lucky" to survive me being stupid. But she is now pushing 4" dls. Shows how hardy A. Genics are.