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T stirmi Mini me -- frog moss added to cage

Discussion in 'Tarantula Photos and Videos' started by Whitelightning777, May 22, 2018.

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    Aug 4, 2017
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    Here's 2 pics of him sitting on frog moss, which is always a popular place to be for all of the 3 terrestrial new world species I have.

    What's nice about these 2 pics is that you can really see him against the green and it's not just tan on brown in the photo.

    In general, I've come to the conclusion that any moisture dependent or moisture friendly terrestrial tarantula will probably benefit from having a bit of this in the enclosure. Place it wherever you want the T to hang out at most of the time. Keep it watered but be careful not to get the tarantula itself to wet in the process.

    T stirmi frog moss 1.jpg T stirmi frog moss 2.jpg

    Adding a bit of color or multiple colors to any decent display enclosure really makes it look nice, 10 times nicer looking in this case.

    I waited to add this because of where he was before in that horrible little critter keeper. I wanted him to get used to a larger space before challenging him with a more complex combination of sights and sounds.

    He still isn't eating & I'll try again in 2 weeks. Typically my L klugi and P sp machala exhibit a great feeding response if you catch them on frog moss and drop a feeder on the moss nearby.
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