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T. Albopilosum has part of his molt stuck to him


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I got a T. Albopilosum sling about 2 months ago so he's still pretty small. He Recently molted and part of his molt is still stuck to him underneath his Carapace. There's a few legs from the molt around the enclosure but this one part is still stuck. What's going on?? I'm not sure if I should leave it or try to take it off but he's so small so I don't want to hurt him. I just fed him after a week and he seems completely normal. He's webbing and behaving like a normal tarantula as well.


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Hello friend,
Click "What's New" on the forum and look down a few threads from yours :)
There is a similar thread with advices already on how to deal with this situation.
Hoping it helps, cheers.