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Substrate settles down?


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It seems like every so often I have to add substrate to my enclosures, I fill to an appropriate level and in 3 or 4 months it seems to settle or get packed down lower. Anyone else experience this? I'm guessing it's from the vibrations in the house slowly shifting the substrate.


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Me too. I may be wrong, but I think as my coco fiber moistens up, it compacts. It seems that peet moss maintains its volume a bit more. What do you think?


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I use a mixture of coco fiber, spiderlife, vermiculite and sphagnum moss and all my ts seem to be happy enough with no packing down or shrinkage


My mix is a combination of clay, sand, coco fiber, potting soil, vermiculite, charcoal, river sand, coco husk, leaf litter and spider peat. Good for live plants and seems to retain burrows rather well ;)