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stressed by too big enclosures


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Hello again,

So yesterday I was wondering, if there is actual evidence, that t's get stressed out if they have too much space.
I thought about it a while and it kinda makes no sense. In nature they have like way mooore room around them and that's where they come from. Wouldn't it be silly of nature if the standard environment of a certain species generally freaks them out?

I don't really get it, has anyone a logical explanation for me? : )

And last but not least, can you tell by the body language of t's if they feel stressed?

warm regards
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The natural habitat of a wild spider has no walls. :).
They can become stressed thou because of exposure. As long as you provide somewhere dark for the T to hide the size of the enclosure can be as large as you like. Only thing to take into concideration is fall heights for a terrestrial T


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Theres that controversial word again...stress. If a spider doesnt have feelings or emotions how can they feel stress??? Sorry this can be a thread on its own. ;)
I love large tarantula enclosures but the size of the spider matters alot. When you start talking about spiders in the wild dont forget about that mortality rate. Its extremely high for tarantulas. I have lost a few spiders over the decades for this very same topic. We all know adult spiders will have no problem hunting down its prey in a large enclosure. Height would be my only concern...a 8" to 12" fall could be fatal for a terrestrial spider.
A sling in a large enclosure has many different scenarios to help end its existence. First off it's harder to locate where they are at. Monitoring them is now more challenging. Not only can they have a hard time finding its prey they now can become the prey. It's harder to find that uneaten prey that would love to find a spider in a compromising position. Your now running with the same mortality rate as wild tarantulas.