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U.K. Somanylegs.co.uk review


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Hi All
There hasn't been many tarantula purchases for me lately due to maxing out my dedicated space for the collection but after few attempts to raise myself a female Psalmopoeus irminia from sling and all turning up male decided to get myself a sexed female this time.
I have dealth with Andy few times in the past (both buying and selling my excess stock to him) so its time to write him a review.
Outstanding communication and customer service always.
My last purchase was on 26th September and the website was locked for placing orders due to the latest invert show he was attending.I initially contacted him few days prior to that date with an enquiry about what I want and when I need it posted and he went out of his way to set aside the wanted spider to make sure they don't sell out on the show.
Spider arrived in great condition , packed very well and added bonus was about an inch larger than what I expected.
Very happy customer here and can't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to do business with him.
Regards Konstantin


West Sussex, UK
Nice to hear a good review about another UK vendor. I'm still new to this and have only ordered from The Spider Shop so far. I think they will be at the Southern Invert show in Brighton to so will have to go find his stall