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Signs of premolt? Feeding questions?


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Is there an article to read about it? New keeper here. I probably shouldn’t have and it was probably dumb of me to get/have so many so fast but c’est la vie!! Most everyone under my care has molted except my B Klassi and it hasn’t eaten in quite a while, it’s not for a lack of my trying. I just curious if someone could point me towards an article on the subject. I know now through experience that my Avics aren’t finicky at all, it was them both being in premolt that was driving their hunger strikes. So I am thinking/hoping/assuming, same case with my b Klassi. Getting to know these guys is very fun/amazing to me. Especially their eating habits. Also if ur Ts abdomen is nice and juicy would u starve them out for a bit? Just as a safety/preventative measure? Right now I’m on a once a week schedule, if they don’t take it/then they don’t eat til next week. The ones who are being consistent eaters are my thrixopelma(starting to think they like Mikey and will eat anything) my anthoscuria geniculata and of course my gbb. Brammostola are great eaters, aside from when then in a premolt/molt burrow. My slings are hit and miss. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. It’s been all prekilled asside from me trying wax worms(never again) and meal worms(again hit or miss, still think they a little small yet. Anyway, enough rambling, thanks for any and all advice, I really appreciate it!

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