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Scolopendra Polymorpha (Tiger Centipede), info?

Discussion in 'Invertebrate Pet Talk' started by Cody-Myles, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Cody-Myles

    Cody-Myles Active Member

    Aug 14, 2017
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    I bought one of these awesome little creatures knowing as much as I could find out about their care requirements.
    I know they max out at around 6" BL, are hardier than most other Scolopendra species (in regards to humidity) and have a less painful bite than most or even the least painful of the Scolopendra's.
    'She' is around 1.5" BL and I have had her since the beginning of October '17. I can't find much out about their moulting habits so my questions are:
    What are the signs that she is in pre-moult?
    How often are these guys supposed to moult on average?
    Do they always hide away?

    In reference to the last question, I NEVER see her. She just hides under her cork bark constantly, doesn't come out to hunt. She is a hardy eater though, I usually feed her daily because she will take anything I throw in there. On average I will feed her 3-5 small crickets and sometimes double that or even 10 once before and she will take them all, every time.