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roach question

paolo escoto

Active Member
well. my b lateralis colony finally gave me eggs. three eggs. what do i do with it? do i just leave it be or seperate it in a smaller contaier so i won't have the hassle of catching the nymphs for my slings? i've also heard about "egg incubators." how do i make them?


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I dont know about the egg. But I can tell you how to make the incubator inbox me if you still need to know how.


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If you ever need hatchlings you can just set a bunch on the bottom of a tall deli cup in the main container. They'll hatch right in there and you can easily catch them for feeding time. Just don't leave them in there more than a day or so. Otherwise just leave them in the main tub or place them in a grow out tub. They'll hatch on their own.

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