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Resin water dishes.


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How do others find these? I have several from different brands & of different sizes & none of them seem to be capable of holding water, not for even a few hours.

I stopped using these commercial dishes for this reason & now have a small collection of them in a carrier bag. These I mainly acquired with the T's, as part of a complete set up, when I brought T's off places like preloved etc. Yesterday I brought a G Rosea home with a lovely setup & topped the pre-emptied (for travel) water dish up when I got home, a few hours later & it's empty again, yet a dish, (a peanut butter lid,) in the tank next to it, still contains water almost a week after I cleaned it & topped it up. I had forgotten how useless these dishes are. Or is it just me? Or don't I know the trick required to make them hold water?

I have thought of using some silicone sealant on the base, to see if that will work. as I have seen plenty of people using silicone within their T's enclosures for various jobs.



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Most of my larger ones are pretty old now but always worked well when I had my snakes in fact I currently have one in use in my Royal Python's vivarium which still holds water for up to a week. I did buy a batch of tiny ones when I started keeping slings and they were terrible, as you say empty after a few hours.
Maybe they have changed something in the way they are made or the material used.
I now use lemon juice bottle lids for slings, coffee jar lids for larger Ts and and for the big ones I use the non-tippable water bowls that are sold for small mammals (hamsters etc) feed bowls.


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for the big ones I use the non-tippable water bowls that are sold for small mammals (hamsters etc) feed bowls.
That is a great idea. I am generally using old lids, of differing sizes. And with some I have more than one water dish in the enclosure, as they like to move them about, or bury them.


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I gave up on the resin dishes also. All it takes is a little bedding or webbing to wick the water out in a short time. Shallow dishes seem to work better on reptile carpet than fluffy coco fiber. For adults, I get the little glass condiment bowls from Walmart. They come a set of four and are will hold water for days. For slings, I use Legos or bottle caps. I keep a cup of water and a pipette on the shelf with my ts and add water if needed when I do my daily check of everyone.


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I just use bead containers myself , thay come in many sizes are cheap, clear, easy to clean and replace . The lids are good for slings and the container itself is good for adults. Can be found at walmart, hobby stores or Amazon.


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