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US Rare tarantulas, true spiders, centipedes roaches and more!

Tom Patterson

3 Year Member

Aphonopelma madera (Santa Cruz Co., AZ)
1/4” $45.00 each rare !

Aphonopelma saguaro (Pima Co., AZ )
1/4” $45.00 each rare dwarf, first U.S. sac !

Aphonopelma seemanni
WC unsexed 4" $35.00 each

Aphonopelma vorhiesi (Pima Co., AZ)
1/4” $23.00 each

Brachypelma albopilosum (Nicaragua)
1/4" $5.00 each

Brachypelma boehmei
1/2” $35.00 each

Brachypelma verdezi
3/4” $50.00 each

Grammostola pulchripes
1/4” $20.00 each or 6 for $100.00

Hapalopus sp. “Colombia/large”
1/4” $20.00 each or 6 for $100

Heterothele gabonensis
1/4” $25.00 each

Hysterocrates sp. Benin
1/2" $25.00 each or $5 for $100

Neoholothele incei
1/2” $18.00 each or 5 for $80.00

Nhandu chromatus
1/4” $15.00 each

Pelinobius muticus
2.5” $50.00 each

Psalmopoeus cambridgei
1/2” $15.00 each

Selenocosmia crassipes
1/2" $30.00 each


Ancylometes bogotensis (Central American Fishing spider)
hatchlings $10.00 each

Barylestis variatus ( aka blaisei )
2.5" WC adult females $30.00 Each

Cupiennius coccineus
1” $25.00 each

Cupiennius foliatus (rare)
Hatchlings $15.00 each

Cupiennius getazi (Red-color form, striking red as adults)
hatchlings $20.00 each

Cupiennius remedius (rare)
Hatchlings $15.00 each

Cyclocosmia latusicosta (bizarre rare trapdoor from China)
2” WC $125.00 each

Dolomedes okefinokensis (Nice big ones)
5-6” WC adults $25.00 each

Dolomedes scriptus
1/2" $8.00 each

Dolomedes triton (true fishing spiders !)
2” WC adults $20.00 each

Fufius cf. lanicius
1/4” $40.00 each

Harmonicon oiapoqueae
2” $75.00 each

Heteropoda davidbowie
Hatchlings $25.00 each

Heteropoda jugulans
1” $25.00 each
Hatchlings $8.00 each

Heteropoda lunula
hatchlings $25.00 each

Ischnothele caudata
Hatchlings $20.00 each

Phoneutria boliviensis (Panama)*
CB adult females $85.00 each

Phoneutria fera*
3rd instar $20.00 each

Sicarius thomisoides ( Sand spiders !)
hatchlings $50.00 each, only a few available


Androctonus bicolor*
WC adults $50.00

Leiurus quinquestriatus*
WC adults $50.00 each

Orthochirus innesi ( Awesome looking rare Egyptian dwarf )
WC adults $45.00

Pandinus imperator ( Emperor scorps! )
WC sub adults $55.00 each unsexed only


Gromphadorhina portentosa (Hissers!)
Large adult pairs $15.00

Macropanesthia rhinoceros (Rhino Roaches !)
2" well started $100.00 each


Rhysida longipes
3” $15.00 each

Scolopendra gigantea ** TRUE GIGANTEA BLACK FORM FROM TRINIDAD, SUPER RARE ( not the common "white leg" collected in Peru)**
7-8" juvies very limited !!, inquire for price

Scolopendra polymorpha
LG 5”-6” body length $29.00 (one available)


Mastigoproctus floridana ( rare in the hobby)
3” $45.00 each


Paragaleodes sp. Egypt
WC adults $25.00 each

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