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Quite The Scare


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Was going to check on and mist the enclosure for my P. victori last night, saw my sling laying there with the appendages curled under, (thought it was the dreaded death curl) I gave her a little nudge with a moistened Q tip and she began to sluggishly move but was struggling to move, even froze up and completely stopped moving at one point, was not gonna give up. Had to take action, she wasn't stuck in a molt as she has successfully molted, but I have seen this familiar incident before and have had T's pass away in the past due to rookie mistakes. Dehydration was the culprit, suffice the good humidity levels kept for this sling, I suppose it wasn't enough. So I gently turn the sling on her back and misted her from 12 inches above her. She began to wriggle around, I then place the sling onto a moist paper towel, waited 20 minutes, came back and misted again. Suddenly, she flips back over on her legs and begins to walk! Checked on her again this morning and she was happily hanging on the wall of her enclosure, finally some normal aboreal behavior, (yes I know this is a half and half and they have a tendency of hanging out by the ground which explains the dirt cacoon and I am only saying it is a "she" in hopes that it will be :). Ah yes, victori is mine, praise Jesus!