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QotW: Feeding


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So, nobody bats 1.000 as we all know, but today I had a good 18 out of 22 tarantulas eat today for a solid 81%. (The other four consisted of two premolts and two posts molts, although the boehmei probably would have eaten). So this week i’m wondering what some of your better feeding days have been. Has anyone had a day where every tarantula in their collection has eaten(especially larger collections)? Or will we all have one spider a week disappoint us? Please share, i’m very interested!


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There's always some that don't eat.. It varies from week to week - and it's funny how we get to know and remember who likes to eat what and what each ones favorite food is lol
And there's always certain Ts that don't eat for weeks/months on end and you try to feed every week then suddenly bam! They eat and surprise us..
We have over 250 Ts in our collection spanning all sizes.. Some like T. Vagans, and most pamphobeteus and phormictopus never seem to turn down food though :)


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I rarely get more than 50% to eat. However, I leave the crickets in enclosures of juvies and above who are not in active premolt, molting or recovering from a molt, and over 90% are gone the next day. 81% is awesome! I bet few will ever beat that number.