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U.K. pzb wanted


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yeah its a bit like my gramastola pulchripes,i pursume rare in the hobby.ive just bought a juvi gramastola pulchra nice spider takes a long time to mature though.


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They do pop up but as @Rs50matt said they don’t stick around long. I was also fortunate to find a SA and I will keep my eyes open!
I’ve been hunting for a Chilensis for the longest time..

@Rs50matt is your girl docile and chill?? Mine moulted a month back but couldn’t sex as it was destroyed but she/he has turned very skittish


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I think @ilovebrachys has also decided to make you all even more jealous by posting her H. chillensis (previously euthlus sp. red) as well as her campastratus.

They are very good pictures of the species and you should check them out :)