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Psalmopoeus irminia/Venezuelan Suntiger


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Aylett, VA
About 12 years ago, I was at a buddies local pet shop. He had an adult Sun Tiger female in a large exo terra with just a piece of cork bark. I noticed a weird root growing from the back of the enclosure. The T was all the way at the top of the enclosure scrunched up in the corner. So I went to grab the root and pull it out, not knowing it was growing all the way to the top of the enclosure. So as I pulled it, it freaked out the T and she immediately jumped and land on my hand and bolted back up the enclosure. As I pulled my hand back I felt a warm sensation in my hand followed by a slight tightness of my right ring finger. I looked a bit closer and saw a pin prick of blood on my finger where she landed. For about an hour I had cold sweats, tad nauseous, and my finger didn't get any tighter, I didn't feel much else as far as effects past my risk. I sat in the ac in my car for about an hour drinking water. And after an hour I felt fine. So that's my experience getting 1 fang tagged by a Venezuelan Sun Tiger.