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Possible Death Curl?


New Member
Hi everyone, my Chilean Rose Hair has recently shown signs of a death curl. This started happening about 3 days ago. I put her in ICU for those 2 days, shes not taking in water, but responds when I prod her and still climbs onto her log. She was acting fine not too long ago, and I'm not sure why shes started acting lethargic. She refuses food and I've put water into her mouth but she doesn't drink. Shes a little 15 years old, and I'm thinking that it might be her time. Is there anything anyone suggests or know a different possible cause for this and if there's anyway I can help? When shes not moving she lies on the ground with a couple of her legs curled underneath. This is day 3 now... I just hope shes not going...I removed things to climb on cuz I feared she might fall. When she walks, it's a little wobbly...


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