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Poop cannon


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Norristown, PA
I'm not entirely sure what to make of this but I walked into my room and caught my A. seemanni drinking from its bowl. I sat there watching it for a few minutes as it was slightly submerged,it slowly turned around and it looked like it was trying to web up on the water bowl. It then shot out what I can only imagine to be spider poop into the water bowl with the intensity of a super soaker. I'm not kidding, It sounded like a squirt gun squirting into water. Then slowly walked back to its hole like nothing ever happened. Has anyone else ever witnessed this? I've been feeding it Dubias and it just ate last night. I get spiders have to poop, but I had no idea it was with so much intensity.

I managed to snag a picture of the little poop cannon drinking right before blastoff, wish I had been recording now.


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AF Ornithoctonus sp Uthai Thani
This one spends 98% of Her time in the burrow, but when she needs to go , she will just stick her Arse out of the top of the burrow and Squirt.
I can clearly hear it as well. The inside top of the lid of the critter keeper looks like she`s been paint balling in there !:):T: