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Poecilotheria rufilata


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I just ordered my 3rd pokie this morning and it is a Red slate ornamental and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to care for these beautiful creatures. I do understand that it is a larger type of tarantula so been figuring out what sized enclosure I need. I do have time since it's only about 3 inches in length. Any advice or comments let me know.


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I keep all my poecilotheria in exo terra 45x45x90 (adult) but a lot of people keep them in smaller. I'm just setting up some 30x30x45's for some juvenile poecilotheria now. :)

Nicely done!
I'm curious about the back ground around the cork bark. Can you share some info/details about that, and your process of texturing it?


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Honestly my 7” girl is in a dog food container. It’s got a ton of room/height for her, and it’s not fully transparent which I believe she loves because she is SUPER light averse. This means no dirt curtains and a much calmer spider. She’s almost always out now where I can “see” her, in whatever limited capacity. Sure I can only see her beautiful pink/purple hairs when I open the lid but it’s better than her running every time the light comes on.

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