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Poecilotheria regalis

Not sure how accurate dorsal sexing is but I’ve been researching and reading everything I could find over the last couple of weeks. I have been 100% convinced that my P. Regalis is losing that dark stripe down the middle of her abdomen. I’ve been comparing pictures from receiving her to today and everything in between. Not trying to get my hopes up I continued to research and compare, convincing myself that I’m playing tricks on myself and the obvious fading of that marking is just me being extremely hopeful that she is indeed a she. Well she finally pulled her molt out to where I could get to it and after rehydrating the molt I found the spermathecae. Needless to say I’m extremely happy, and I’m pretty excited because I have a P. Regalis sling as well and I believe for the first time ever I’m hoping one of my T’s is a male. Pictures are from February, March and May of this year and then two that I took today.


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