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Poecilotheria metallica growth rate

I have a 2cm DLS P.Metallica sling.

I've had it for around a month now. I've been providing it with freshly killed crickets for food, and have attempted to give it live pinhead crickets, but have yet to see it eat. I know it has eaten as I've had fruit flies and crickets in there and they disappear, so I'm not worried about the eating. I'm just wondering how quickly I can expect it to grow.

I'm not sure on how to tell if a sling is in premoult as it's difficult to tell if the abdomen etc is looking darker.


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I got mine when she was about the same size as yours is and she always ate live crickets although I never saw her eat until recently and I've had her for 4 years. At a year old she was about 2.5" and by 2 years old she had grown to 4.5"