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Philodromus sp.

Avicularia Kael

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Here is little care sheet made by me!

Philodromus sp. Care Sheet

Diet: I feed mine small crickets about a 1/4 of an inch long. Any small insect should do.

Containment: I keep mine in a plastic cup with a custom made lid (part of a cup with mesh). I keep a part of a paper towel roll in the container to be used by the spider as a hide. Cork bark could work too. Also anything it can blend in with can be placed in the container as a place for it to ambush prey on. They should be kept in a container with almost equal amounts of floor space and height. I keep mine in a cup with more height than floor space. They do good either way but like to sit up high. Any type of substrate works.

Temperature and Humidity: I keep mine at room temp (68 degrees F) with no water in the set up. A water bowl probably won't hurt though.

Temperament: These are very fast and vicious hunters, acting like tiny huntsman spiders. They a super fast and should not be held. They are not aggressive and will flee if possible.

Venom: They are completely harmless to people, but a nightmare to bugs.

My Experience: I caught mine in my friend's mail box. I do not know how she was surviving in there. She ate around the day I caught her and molted after about 2 months. I have had her since September. She has eaten great and I witnessed her demolish a cricket today.

These are wonderful little spiders and I highly recommend keeping one.