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Normal Old-age pre-death behavior?


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RIP Gazpacho, he was a very good boy and I will miss him very much. My mature male curly hair passed away today. It has been 7 months since his final molt. I felt like their were signs this week and I'm wondering now if this was normal behavior before dying of old age, or if he was sick and I missed the signs.

During his last month he suddenly became very preoccupied in moving around the moss in his cage and creating a webbing mat over it.

On Wednesday he was unexpectedly upside-down in a molt position, which was surprising as he developed tibial hooks in his last molt. I didn't touch him and he flipped himself back over in just a couple hours. (Did not molt)

On Thursday evening he refused food which is unusual, and even moved away from the offered cricket on tweezers. Later that night he settled into his favorite spot.

Today, Saturday, I saw he hadn't moved from the spot he'd settled in on Thursday, but now his front legs were curled under so I decided to touch him which I normally never do. First I just poked a leg but getting no reaction I lifted one of his back legs and still there was no response. I left him for another 11 hours just in case and his position did not change so I am certain now he is dead.

My main question, is the web matting and spending time upside-down normal pre-death behavior for death by old age for mature males?

(Attached: the last pic I got of the boy alive, taken 10 days ago)


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It is far from common for MM's to molt or attempt to. But they can do it, or try to do it, but it almost never goes well for them.


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My mature male Hapalopus sp. Columbia did this very thing a few days ago. I was confused to see him on his back as he had hooked out quite a while ago. Alas, it was his time. I was bummed to see my old guy go.

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