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>New to the group.... Hello all!!!


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Hi post name is gritar.
I love my tarantulas. I just had my second molt or one of my slings. So exciting. Because all the work is paying off and they like homes I have provided.
I had my first tarantula years and years ago. I just got back into the hobby. I have the following Ts.

0.0.2 A. hentzi Second and now third
0.0.1 B. albopilosum "The Twistir" First molt
1.0.0 G. porteri "Lee"
0.0.1 G. pulchra
1.0.0 G. rosea "Tepari"
0.0.1 E. campestratus
0.0.1 L. parahybana
0.0.2 M. cabocola
0.0.1 N. chromatus "Aneer"


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Hi and welcome back to the hobby.


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Hello Therasoid thanks for the welcome. I have more coming when the weather gets better. I luv taking care of them. I have 3 molts under my belt now. I have 5 more in pre-molt and I am learning like crazy. My fruit fly culturing is even going well.