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Hello all I recently started keeping tarantulas. I have one tarantula so far (avicularia versicolor) and am looking to aquire a few more in the future.

Kaden Alexander

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Thanks that is good to know. What was the reasoning for the reclassification does any one know?
Well, I think the urticating hairs weren’t similar enough to other Avics so they moved it to Caribena because it was more similar to them. IDK for sure though.
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My first one was a C versicolor as well. Here's his current cage.

C versicolor Charles cool cage 2.jpg

Here's his introduction to said cage. You don't need this type of catch cup. I was testing it for faster arboreals to see if it would work.

Here's what he looks like now. I've since practically confirmed that he's male. He did get dehydrated at one point and I settled on using a wine glass as the elevated water dish.

C versicolor Charles molt 5-26-19 4.jpg

They're incredible.
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