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New keeper, really worried


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I got my first tarantula back in June this year and let me tell you how exciting it was (and still is!) It's a lovely little honduran curly hair. I suspect male but I'm not too sure. It's definitely not fully grown. Last month it closed off its hide and has not come out since. I really hoped that meant it was getting ready to molt.
About a week and a half ago I peaked into the hide (one side was only blocked by some fake plants so it was super easy to lift up a couple leaves, peak, and set them back into place). I was absolutely delighted to see that my T's abdomen had turned black.
Though I know I probably should not have, I peaked again 3 days later (being a first time keeper I'm really curious about how long it will take once their abdomen's change color). To my alarm the T was literally sitting in the exact same position, though it did look like it had pooped some time in those 3 days.
It's been another week since then and today I checked again. My T still has not moved a single muscle, so it has been in the exact same position for at least a week and a half, and the abdomen is not any shinier. I dont see any sign of a death curl but I'm starting to get really worried. Is it normal for a T in pre-molt to not move a muscle for over a week?
I dont want to do anything until I get input from more experienced keepers. I really hope it's nothing and I'm just another overly-worried newbie, but at this point I probably won't be able to sleep much until I figure out what's up.


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Hi welcome to the forum
Don't be so worried about your T.. This is normal they don't move unless they have to- they have no reason to if they are in premolt they just hide away and do there thing
Just leave it be as long as you've got a water dish in there it will come out when it's ready :)


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I'm really glad to hear that. My T was just so active in the couple months before closing off the hide that I think seeing them so still for so long freaked me out a little. I've been wanting a tarantula for the last 4 years and it would break my heart to lose my first one after only 4 months. I just hope it doesn't take too much longer to molt, I think I may be more stressed out about this then my T


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It probably failed to moult. Unfortunately this happens.Moulting is stressful time for a tarantula and sometimes goes wrong.
Regards Konstantin


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Hard to say, but it happens. Too bad! Not much you can do. :(